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Baby Swimming Lessons

Parent & Child Program

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Nominal Age Range of

4 months – 4 years

Our Aqua Duck and Aqua Tot classes will help your child to develop water safety skills, increase confidence, and increase independence in the water.

The classes are broken down into broad age groups, gradually introducing more advanced water skills as your child grows.

No assessment is required for you to begin classes with your child.

We also have Crѐche facilities available on a casual or regular booking basis so siblings are cared for while parents participate in Parent & Child classes.

Parent & Child classes run every morning at various times between 8.30am – 11.30am.

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Group Activities
A fun learning environment
Specialist instruction
Heated, indoor 32 degree pool
30 minute classes
Classes run 7 days per week

Aqua Duck 1 (4 mths – 1 yr)

Development of water safety skills, water confidence & group activities.

Aqua Duck 2 (1 – 2yrs)

Attempting slide-in-entry, assisted glides, blowing bubbles and back floats, ‘monkeying’ along wall and exiting pool safely.

Aqua Duck 3 (2 – 3yrs)

Safe entry and exiting of pool, wearing goggles & cap, blowing bubbles, independent glides to parent and back, aided backfloat and submerging whilst blowing bubbles.

AquaTot (skill dependent)

Safe entry and exiting of pool, blowing bubbles, independent glides to instructor & back, back floats and assisted sit-down dives.