Group or Private Swimming Lessons?

Group swimming lessons work very well for babies and most children. Our group swimming courses for babies & toddlers from 6 months to at least 3 years commence as Parent & Child classes. Our group swimming courses for preschoolers over 3 years usually, depending on the level of water confidence demonstrated by the child, start with Learn to Swim lessons and move through Stroke Development and then to Junior and Competitive Squads.

At the time your child is assessed, the Supervisor will advise you if your child would, at this stage, benefit more from a one-on-one private swimming lesson, rather than participation in a group lesson. In “Group” swimming lessons your child will be in a class with other children of similar ability and will gain skills from instruction and also from observing their peers. Class sizes commence at 3 children and increase as your child gains skills and progresses into more advanced levels.

In “Private” swimming lessons your child will usually be in a one-on-one class. It may be possible for you to have two or three of your children in the same private class.

NOTE: We don’t typically recommend private swimming lessons for babies.

Private lessons may be suggested by the Swim School as the best way for your child to progress to the next level or you may elect Private Lessons. Sometimes Privates are necessary for specialised attention to an aspect of your child’s swimming.

*Private lessons are subject to coach and Pool availability. Where possible, we will work to meet your requests.
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